A dynamic and professional environment with like-minded entrepreneurs? Officenter neighbours who do business and strengthen each other's business? Drinking an Italian cup of coffee in the bistro or WiFi lounge? An enthusiastic 'good morning!' from our reception staff, who are always happy to help?

Come and work, co-work and hold meetings in an Officenter branch of your choice in Aalst, Antwerpen (A12), Geel, Hasselt, Leuven, Maastricht, Turnhout, Vilvoorde and Zaventem.

Our vision

Our vision is clear and revolves around customer satisfaction, flexibility, innovation and sustainable business. With an eye on the future we have ambitious growth plans to open new branches.

Our investors

Get to know our investors who share a common vision and think strategically about the ambitious future plans of Officenter with the right skills and competencies.

Choosing Officenter is choosing...

A clear and fixed price per month without any unpleasant surprises. Flexible contracts with short cancellation periods, that can be adjusted at any moment. Custom formulas for every company and for every budget.

Our services and prices
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