CO-WORKING FLEXIBLE FORMULA: 250 euros/month (excluding VAT)

Your company/organisation's registered office (only for yearly contracts)
Unlimited use of the co-working space in all Officenters during office hours and upon reservation (1 work space per location per time)
Flex office for 4 half days/week or 4 morning, afternoon or evening sessions in meeting rooms in all Officenters (upon reservation during office hours and 1 work space per location per time)
Locker for your records
Wireless internet connection
Fax - copy - print service
Post handling service (with a yearly contract)
Helpline and messaging service (with a yearly contract)
3 months security deposit (with a yearly contract)

CO-WORKING WORK SPACE SUBSCRIPTION: 200 euros/year (not including VAT)

Subscription for 10 days co-working work space 
 or 5 x 1/2 day flex office (valid for 1 year)
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